Candidate Profile

Brian Andrews

Running for:  Ward 2 Councillor 

Top 3 priorities

  1. Visible representation 
  2. Accountability
  3. Citizens concerns 


The  needs, wants and concerns of the people will be my focus.

Citizens will have a councillor that will be available for in person support and discussions  

I would like to see concentration on affordable housing and condominiums along the Davis Dr. / Yonge St. corridor until we have the water/sewage issues sorted out to support infill sites  

Alternative solutions for speed control is essential. I would like to see the use of rumble straps   


Raised in subsidized housing by a single mother and proud of my aboriginal heritage. Big Brothers Association was an instrumental influence in who I am today blessing me with a second family. 

Married 34 years, residents of Newmarket 32, business owner for 30 and two adult children. 

Loyalty, commitment, integrity have granted me a good life in Newmarket. 

Brian Andrews
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