Candidate Profile

Chris Dupee

Running for:  Ward 4 Councillor

Top 3 priorities

  1. Tenant rights and tenant education 
  2. Community safety 
  3. Economy 


If elected I would work on the installation of as many speed bumps on our main roads as possible. 

I’d like to look at the pros and cons of the recently installed bicycle lanes in our ward 

I would ensure that renters at risk of eviction are properly educated, if not properly represented so their rights aren’t infringed on. 

Create a councillors coin and commendation system to celebrate our community members achievements and recognize those serving and contributing to our community. 


I have been in service to the good people of Canada since I joined the military in 2005. When I retired in 2015 I continued my service by advocating for those dealing with mental injuries and trauma due to their service. This lead me to opening a wellness centre for veterans in Newmarket called “Cadence”. Now I would like to serve the community I have called home my entire life. 

Chris Dupee
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