Candidate Profile

Grant Waddell

Running for:  Ward 4 Councillor

Top 3 priorities

  1. Prudent Fiscal Management
  2. Affordable Housing/ Robust Communities
  3. Community/Economic/Cultural Development


My years as a senior administrator with the Toronto Transit Commission taught me that how we manage institutional growth directly affects the personal well-being of people. Holding the line on taxes with costs soaring 10% annually, balancing development with the need for affordable housing, and ensuring all our diverse Ward 4 neighbourhoods are thriving requires a full-time commitment.  I’ll make that commitment because being a Newmarket Councillor shouldn’t be a side hustle or part-time job.


With the TTC, I managed annual purchases up to 400 million dollars—more than twice the amount of Newmarket’s 2021 budget-- and the commission’s 324-million-dollar advertising contract. I also supervised 150 people who helped hundreds of thousands get to where they needed to go seven days a week. Married to Cheryle; daughters Laura and Jenn; Newmarket resident for 33 years.

Grant Waddell
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