Candidate Profile

Kelly Broome

Running for:  Ward 6 Councillor 

Top 3 priorities

  1. Safe, Healthy, and Thriving Communities 
  2. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability  
  3. Extraordinary Places and Spaces


Elected in 2014, I have worked hard to deliver on my residents’ goals. Residents wanted extraordinary places like splash pads and skate parks, different housing options for all ages, safer neighborhoods, and to be a part of shaping our future. Economic recovery will be critical, and I will continue to support our residents and business community as we rise from the difficult economic times. Our community has seen goals become reality, and I will continue to deliver results for Ward 6.  


Accomplished collaborative leader in community transformation, known for proactively driving change with a Philanthropic approach. A proven track record of success, and active participant in our community, dedicated to improving the lives of those in Ward 6.  Actively working at the table with key community leaders, nurturing partnerships across geographic and cultural boundaries.   Champion of Community here to inspire! 

Bob Kwapis
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