Candidate Profile

Pamela McCarthy

Running for: York Region District School Board Trustee

Top 3 priorities

  1. Student and teacher safety policies.
  2. Inclusivity and anti-racism programs.
  3. Academic excellence, Financial literacy programs.


School and classroom safety is a priority. More policies, procedures and support staff will be put in place to ensure that all teachers and students can attend school without fear.

Inclusivity and anti-racism programs will continue to be a priority.

We will strive to achieve the highest academic excellence in our schools, including financial literacy. To compete and beat the academic scores of other school boards.

Building school spirt and connection through clubs and sports.


I am a married “hockey mom” of 2 active children, 11 and 14.

I have been an active member of their school parent council, organizing fundraisers and snack programs.

I have a professional background in mental health nursing, teaching and financial education.

I have volunteered with,

Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada, helping children.

Beauty Nights, helping women in shelters.

Pamela McCarthy
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