Town of Newmarket Services

A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

From operating arenas, pools and other facilities for healthy exercise and recreation, to reviewing and issuing building permits that ensure neighbourhoods remain safe and vibrant  - Town of Newmarket provides a broad range of services that impact how people live, work and play in the community. 

For a full list of services, visit A to Z Services on the Town of Newmarket main website.

Making it easier for residents to access many of the services provided, obtain information about all services and to help address concerns, the Town runs a servicing department that residents can reach by telephone, email, self-serve options (kiosks and online), in-person and by mail. More information is available on the Customer Services page of the Town of Newmarket website.

Members of Town Council elected to office through this election will make budget, policy and program decisions that impact how the residents and businesses of Newmarket benefit from the services provided. 

Find out how Newmarket Town Council works as the voice of Newmarket citizens in municipal government.

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