Voter Accessibility

Voting is Important. So is Access to Voting

The Town of Newmarket is committed to serving all people in ways that allow them to maintain their dignity and independence. At election time, this includes making sure that all eligible residents have access to their opportunity to vote.

Online Voting Removes Barriers

Removing the need to visit a voting location makes voting more accessible for many people in our community. When voters in this election can access their ballot and cast their vote online, at a time during the voting period that is convenient for them, in a location of their choosing, using their preferred internet-connected device, many of the hurdles that impede the voting experience for people with disabilities are lowered or removed entirely.   

Voter Instruction Letters Available in Accessible Formats

Voters may request to receive their Voter Instruction Letters in accessible PDF and reflowed large scale print formats. To request a Voter Instruction Letter in alternative format, call (905) 953-5152.

Accessibility Smartphone App

Voters with visual or dexterity disabilities can use additional accessibility enhancements offered by a Town of Newmarket election smartphone app they can download onto a compatible Apple iOS and Android device. This app will provide the full, secure voting experience and include capabilities for:

  • VoiceOver and TalkBack screen readers
  • Voice Control navigation (on iOS)
  • Configurable font size
  • Flexible timeout limitations 

Download the "Voatz" app to your smartphone from the Google Play store or Apple App store

Click here for voting instructions using the Voatz Accessibility App 

Voter Assistance Centres are Accessible

For voters who would like the guidance of an election staff member for any stage of the online voting process, two fully accessible Voter Assistance Centres will be open during the voting period. 

On-Site Voting in Residential Facilities

Arrangements have been made to ensure that people in hospital, residential care, and other residential facilities will be able to vote online. Trained election staff will bring mobile voting to residents and provide assistance as required. See locations, dates and times 

Accessible Paper Ballot Marking

Electors voting by paper can use an accessible marking device to mark their ballot. Paper voting is available by appointment only at the Newmarket municipal offices. Call 905-953-5152 to book your timeslot.

2022 Newmarket Election Accessibility Plan


The municipal voters' list is different than the lists for the provincial and federal elections. Make sure you're on it. 

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