Vote With Confidence



  • It's your democratic right to vote for the candidates of your choice
  • Contact the Newmarket Election Office immediately if you are asked to share your Voting PIN via email, text or social media or in person
  • Say something if you see something suspicious, we are here to help
  • Contact your Election Office immediately to get a new Voting PIN if you lose yours (the old PIN will be deactivated)
  • Never share your Voting PIN — it’s unique to you (municipal staff, candidates and law enforcement officials should never ask for it)
  • It’s illegal to vote using a Voting PIN that is not yours
  • You can’t vote more than once in a municipality, no matter how many voting days there are or how many properties you own/rent
  • Never post a photo or selfie with your ballot on social media or elsewhere – it’s illegal
  • Never use a candidate’s mobile device/tablet to vote or share proof of whom you voted for with anyone

Our reliable online voting technology ensures:

  • You can verify your ballot has been successfully and accurately submitted
  • You receive maximum privacy, accessibility and convenience
  • You are doing your part to be environmentally friendly

Voter Privacy and Election Security are Priorities

Voter privacy and election security are essential to the integrity of any election. Protecting personal information collected to prepare the voters' list, ensuring the confidentiality of votes cast in the election, and all measures to ensure that the election reflects the will of the people of Newmarket are top priorities for this election.

The Voters' List

Voter information collected by the Town of Newmarket can only be used for election purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act.

The Voters' List is part of a voter authentication process. Each voter on the list is mailed a Voter Instruction Letter that contains a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Voters then use their own unique PIN and their birthdate to enter the online voting system on their device and cast their vote. Voters without access to an internet-connected devise, or who would like help casting their vote online may visit a Voter Assistance Centre

Internet Voting

Voting through the internet makes this election more accessible to many voters in our community. It also allows voters to cast their ballots from a place and at a time within the voting period most convenient for them.  

At the same time, internet voting demands rigourous cybersecurity to ensure the privacy of voters, the confidentiality of their votes and overall election security. Newmarket has retained a company that specializes in election technologies and election processes to provide a reliable and secure voting platform for this election that will allow voters to vote  through their internet-connect smartphones, tablets and computers. Used successfully for elections around the world, this platform is continually tested and developed to detect, report and thwart any online attempts to tamper with the election.   

In addition, the Town of Newmarket has hired a third-party professional services firm to perform a cybersecurity audit of the the voting system prior to the election, ensuring that the voting process is safe, secure and maintains the secrecy of the ballot. During the voting period, audits will be performed regularly and randomly to detect any unusual activity. 

Paper Ballots

In-person voting by paper ballot is available by appointment to voters who want it. In order to minimize the inherent security risks of storing, transporting and manually counting paper ballots, paper voting will be made available at one location only. Visit How to Vote on this website for details

Learn about measures to ensure that all eligible residents have access to their opportunity to vote

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