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Important dates to remember for candidates, and those thinking about running.

(Recorded, June 21, 2022) Have you ever pictured yourself as a member of Newmarket's Council or a school board trustee? Now's your chance!

Become familiar with the rules and regulations regarding election signs in Newmarket.

Every candidate needs to first obtain 25 signatures from eligible Newmarket voters. Learn about all the nomination requirements.

Learn about third party advertiser registration, rules and regulations in the Newmarket election

Frequently Asked Candidate Questions

If a person wishes to run as a candidate in the 2022 Town of Newmarket municipal election, they must file a nomination form with the Elections Office. The first day to file a nomination for the next municipal general election will be Monday, May 2, 2022. Appointments are required. Call 905-953-5300 ext. 2210 or email:

A person cannot raise or spend money on an election campaign until they have officially filed their nomination with the Town. 

Review the 2022 Town of Newmarket Candidate Guide 

New for the 2022 Town of Newmarket Municipal Election is the opportunity for qualified individuals to file their candidate nomination online via our new secure nomination platform. In-person candidate nomination meetings remain an option, however all forms shall be submitted electronically.

The first date to file a nomination is May 2, 2022. Nominations close on Nomination Day August 19, 2022 at 2 p.m. On Nomination Day, the time displayed by the Legislative Services Department electronic clock shall be the record of time that a candidate files his/her nomination form.

Appointments are required. Schedule an appointment by contacting by phone at 905-953-5300 extension 2210.   


The nomination period for the 2022 Newmarket Municipal Election will begin on May 2, 2022. Once a candidate has filed their nomination form, they can begin campaigning and advertising. 

Note: September 26 at 10 a.m. is the earliest date that election signs can be posted.

If a candidate decides to withdraw from the election, he or she must notify the Town Clerk in writing no later than 2 p.m. on nomination day (Friday, August 19, 2022). A candidate who withdraws is still required to submit a completed financial disclosure covering all financial transactions made up to the date the nomination was withdrawn.

No, according to section 88.20 (8) of the Municipal Elections Act, the cost of parties and gifts of appreciation after the close of voting do not count towards your regular expense limit for the election. However, these costs are subject to a separate expense limit established in section 88.20 (9) of the MEA. 

The Town will charge a $25 removal fee for any improperly placed election signs. Under extraordinary circumstances, and if required, the Town may initiate legal proceedings against a candidate or individual who fails to comply with the provisions of the By-law. In these circumstances, and only if the court finds that the candidate or individual did not comply with the by-law, then the court may impose a greater penalty. These specific penalties are outlined in section 15 of the By-law. 

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