York Regional Council

York Region is the Upper-Tier Municipality

Town of Newmarket is part of a two-tier system of municipal government. In this system York Region is the upper-tier municipality. It delivers some services and programs across an area stretching from north of Toronto to Lake Simcoe which is made up of nine lower-tier municipalities (also called local municipalities), including Town of Newmarket.

The 21 members of York Regional Council collectively set policies, directions and budgets for York Region. 

Members of York Regional Council are elected in what is known as a "double direct" form of election. In this type of system, those elected as Mayor or Regional Councillor for a local municipality, including Newmarket, earn a seat on both Local Council and Regional Council for four years.

The Chair of Regional Council is elected by members of Regional Council at the first meeting of the term and also serves for a four year term.

Most of Council's work is done through the Committee of the Whole. During Committee of the Whole meetings, members get public input, review policies and consider staff reports before making recommendations to Regional Council.

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