Election Results

The official results for the 2022 Town of Newmarket Municipal Election are as follows:




Mayor John Taylor (elected) Acclaimed*
Deputy Mayor and Regional Councillor    
  Gordon Prentice 5455
  Tom Vegh (elected) 9396
Ward 1 Councillor    
  Mark Holmes 794
  Grace Simon (elected) 1899
Ward 2 Councillor    
  Brian Andrews 841
  Hunter Murchison-Doggart 191
  Victor Woodhouse (elected) 1211
Ward 3 Councillor  Jane Twinney (elected) Acclaimed*
Ward 4 Councillor     
  Chris Dupee 261
  Trevor Morrison (elected) 1222
  Grant Waddell 627
Ward 5 Councillor Bob Kwapis (elected) Acclaimed*
Ward 6 Councillor    
  Kelly Broome (elected) 1726
  Lukas Fuina 733
Ward 7 Councillor    
  Christina Bisanz (elected) 1687
  Nadia Hansen 527
York Region District School Board Trustee    
  Pamela McCarthy (elected) 4414
  Jessica Neto 1316
  Shameela Shakeel 4034
  Donald J. Smith 1622
York Catholic District School Board Trustee**    
  Donnie Aloisi 257
  Peter Fracassi 1125
  Theresa McNicol (elected) 2794

Conseil scolaire Viamonde (French Public School Board Trustee)***

  Nicolas Bigaignon 187
  Stefania Sigurdson Forbes 199
  Hanane Jaouich 162
Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir (French Catholic School Board Trustee) Donald Blais  acclaimed*

* This candidate was elected by “acclamation” because there were no other registered candidates running against them in the same office.
** These results represent the combined votes cast in Newmarket, Georgina and East Gwillimbury. 
*** These are the unofficial results. Official results are provided by the City of Vaughan. Visit vaughan.ca/elections for more information. 

Voter Data

A total of 15,221 people voted in the 2022 Newmarket Municipal Election representing 24.8% of eligible voters.

Of those voters, 15,007 cast their ballot online, representing 98.59% of all voters.

214 voters cast their ballot in person, representing 1.41% of all voters.

Total votes by date, ward and voting method (PDF)

Total votes by candidate & ward (PDF)

Online votes by candidate and ward (PDF)

In-person votes by candidate and ward (PDF)




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