Candidate Profile

Donald J. Smith

Running for:  York Region District School Board Trustee

Top 3 priorities

  • Success of our students
  • Attention / zero tolerance against bullying 
  • Student inclusion and supporting diversity 


I am looking to find ways to improve student success during their time in our YRDSB schools and in their chosen post-secondary education. I want to find out if students and parents know which supports exist and how to use them. If they don’t, find a way to create it. I believe that all students should have the ability apply and be considered for our specialized programs and that the process be transparent and fair to everyone.  Bullying form the earliest grades up through secondary school including cyber-bullying needs to be addressed as I feel it is not taken as seriously as it once had.


I am a City of Toronto Animal Services Officer and prior to that I was a Ontario SPCA Agent. In each position I was working in the community and practiced education before legislation.  I speak to people everyday from diverse backgrounds as part of career. I also was in charge of the volunteer department at the Toronto Humane Society where I organized staff, and proactively found new volunteers. I believe my experience with “boots on the ground” in the community provides the best avenue for me to listen to your students 

Bob Kwapis
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