Candidate Profile

Nadia Hansen

Running for:  Ward 7 Councillor

Top 3 priorities

1. Increased support for affordable housing

2. Equitable access for marginalized groups

3. Preserving green space 


I intend to be a representative for the working class by ensuring the Town enacts policy that doesn’t create barriers for lower income earners. I also intend to encourage more cultural recognition/sensitivity within Newmarket across all backgrounds. I also plan to create more opportunities for youth involvement in the community. In sum, I want all residents to feel like they have a voice and their needs are met.


I have a BA Honors from Carleton University and an MA in Political Science from Memorial University. I currently work full-time in the Mayor of Burlington’s office where I’ve gained an intimate understanding of municipal government. I grew up with working class parents and understand the difficulties that come with it. I’m passionate about uplifting historically silenced voices and promoting social equity.

Nadia Hansen
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