Candidate Profile

Hunter Murchison-Doggart

Running for:  Ward 2 Councillor 

Top 3 priorities

  1. Accessibility throughout Newmarket
  2. Educating the youth on politics
  3. The implementation of a Cultural Centre


If elected my intentions in office would be to create a relationship with all the Town of Newmarket employees and to ensure that the residents of ward two are heard and represented, with all their concerns and ideas. I want to make sure that the next generation has an opportunity to learn about politics and become active participants in local politics.


As a recent university graduate with a bachelor’s in political science, I want residents to know that I will bring forth fresh ideas and will make sure that their concerns are heard and addressed. With previous work as an advocate for student rights, I have learnt how municipal politics work and I know that addressing the concerns of the residents is number one

Hunter Murchison-Doggart
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